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Bill Payment Options

Payment Options

It’s easy and convenient to pay your Digicel Bill, we offer a variety of methods and locations all with you in mind.

Pay Using:

Automated Methods:

          Direct Debit  - Payment comes out directly from your bank account

          Direct/Call in Credit Card Payment - Payment comes out directly from your credit card.

To sign up for any of the above payment methods print and complete this form and drop it off at any Digicel Front Offices.
Customer_Payment_Authorisation_Form.pdf is to be used for updating Credit Card and Bank Account Information for customers who have already signed up for Automated Payments.

At Vendors and Digicel Flagship locations with:


          Credit Cards


Sign up to use our online bill payment website.

Pay Your Bill Online at these Institutions:


Payment Locations:
Digicel Front Offices:
Head Office, ANSA Centre, 11C Maraval Road, Port of Spain

Gulf City Mall, San Fernando
Clico Building, Scarborough Tobago

Massy Stores, Trincity Industrial Estate Road, Trincity

Business customers can also make cheque payments at the above locations


Our authorized Vendors and Flagship locations are:


Digicel Vendors:


Commercial Banks

Bill Express

First Citizens Bank

RBC Royal Bank
Republic Bank

Scotia Bank


 @ Western Union Outlets


Sure Pay



      @Hilo Food Stores



 @All Lotto/Play Whe Location



All Digicel Retail Stores:



17 Henry Street, POS

Unit 18, Ground Floor, New City Mall, Independence Sq, POS

13 Bradford Mall, 22 Henry Street. PO

E 8, Excellent City Mall, POS

66 Independence Square, POS

1 Kisok 10-11 Long Circular Mall, St.James

13 Aboutique Mall,  8-10  Frederick Street, POS

119 Western Main Road, St. James

36 Park Street Port of Spain

Level 2 Long Circular Mall, Long Circular Road, St. James

43 Cocoyea Village, San Fernando

37 Gulf City Mall, La Romain, San Fernando

100 High Street, San Fernando

48 High Street Rio Claro

Mikado House, Point-a-Pierre Road, San Fernando

62 High Street, Siparia

Dottins Building, 21 Coffee Street, San Fernando

Upper Floor, Rainbow Mall, High Street, Princess Town

3 Guayaguayare Road, Mayaro

RRM Plaza, High Street, San Fernando

44 Main Road, Point Fortin

Harris Building, Cacique Street, Princess Town

54 High Street, Siparia

26 Cipero Street, San Fernando

62-64 Numbers Building, High Street, San Fernando

14 Corner of Lord and Mucarapo Street, San Fernando

2 City Centre Mall, Lot 4, S.S. Erin Road, Penal

1 Guapo, Cape De Ville Road, Point Fortin

192 Guapo Road, Fyzabad



Block C Level 1 Trincity Mall, Trincity

57 Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna

Manzanilla Main Road, Sangre Grande

20 Woodford Street, Arima

Duty Free Lounge, Piarco International Airport, Piarco

18A Woodford Street, Arima              

O Building West, Grand Bazaar, Valsayn

45 Broadway, Arima

Level 2 Block C 10 Trincity Mall, Trincity

1 St.Clair Branch Road, Five Rivers, Arouca

Extra Foods Supermarket O Mera Road Arima

230 Eastern Main Road, El Dorado

Lot 5 Bhagoutie Trace, San Juan

Valpark Shopping Plaza, Morequito Avenue, Valsayn

Corner of Evans St and Southern Main Road, Curepe

University of the West Indies, St. Augustine

Block F New Wing, Trincity Mall, Trincity

Al's Mall,  40 Broadway Street,  Arima

16 Sixth Avenue, Barataria

17 Saddle Road, San Juan

Corner of Andre St. and Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande

4 Toco Main Road, Sande Grande

119 The Falls at West Mall, Westmoorings

17 Movie Towne Mall, Invaders Bay
19 Building 4 Starlite Shopping Plaza, Diego Martin248 The Falls at West Mall, Westmoorings



Stores 5&6, 49 Montrose Main Road, Chaguanas

29 Center City Mall, Chaguanas.

Endeavour Road Chaguanas

Corner of St. Ives Street and Main Road, Chaguanas

197 Southern Main Roadd, Marabella

213 Southern Main Road, Couva

93 Calcutta Road, Freeport Junction

157A Corner Jenvy and Southern Main Road, Couva

169 Montrose Main Road, Chaguanas

B26 Lowlands Mall, Scarborough, Tobago

Stumpy's Compound Canan

Elia Building, Wilson Rd, Scarborough

Carrington Street, Scarborough