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Understanding your Bill 
Please see .pdf for your Bill Description:
    Sample Bill   
Electronic Bills

What is E -Bill?
- E-Bill is a new, free, electronic bill notification method that is available to Digicel post-paid customers . When you sign up for E-bill,  you will receive a monthly email notification at one (1) email address of your choice advising you that you can view your bill by logging on to Digicel’s Online Bill View site at  
- E-Bill is available free of charge to ALL new and existing post-paid Digicel customers. Choosing this option eliminates you receiving a printed bill in the mail every month from Digicel.

Registering for E-bill:
To register for E-Bill, customers are simply required to submit a valid email address to Digicel.
New Post-Paid customers can enter their chosen email address on their Activation form

Existing Post-Paid Customers can request the E-bill  service  
  • by contacting Digicel’s Customer Care at 100 or 399-9999 OR
  • Sign up Online via  OR
  • Printing and completing the E-Bill Sign Up Form and dropping it off at any of the Digicel Front Offices.
      E-Bill Sign Up Form

To Edit your email address:

 ·         Contacting Digicel’s Customer Care at 100 or 399-9999.


To Discontinue the E-Bill Service:

 ·         Contacting Digicel’s Customer Care at 100 or 399-9999.