Digicel CHAT

Digi Chat

Digicel Chat is fun and simple to use. It is based on the same principles of Internet multi-user chat, which millions of people today use online. Users may join existing chat rooms or create new chat rooms, create nicknames for themselves and chat anonymously with other chatters.

Chat is a pay-as-you-use service. You are charged for each text message you send to the room (see pricing section for charges). You can ‘chat’ with up to 30 other people for the price of one text message.

Simply send a text message with the keyword “HELP” to CHAT (2428) and start chatting with your friends.

Keywords used are:





To join a Chatroom

Join room-name


To change your Nickname

Nick your-new-name


List members in room



Find a specific user

Find chatters-name


Create Chat room

Create room-name


To get a list chat rooms



To get a list of keywords



Exit the service



Digicel Wap Chat

Digicel Wap Chat provides a new twist on the regular Digi Chat service.
While DigiChat allows users to chat with each other in chat rooms via text messages, Wap Chat offers the same facility via Digicel Live Wap site. Users can log onto the Digicel Live portal from their GPRS/Wap capable handsets and start chatting with other Wap Chat users and with existing Digi Chat users.
In essence it provides the best of both worlds.

This service, similar to Digi Chat, closely resembles online (Internet based) chat rooms and allows users the ability to view a list of existing rooms, create chat rooms, and view a list of users within chatrooms.

Wap Chat is a subscription based service where users are charged TT$12 for unlimited sending of chat messages for a period of one (1) week.
Standard Wap browsing charges apply.


  • You must have a GPRS/WAP enabled handset with the proper Wap configuration settings
  • Log onto the Digicel Live Portal on your handset – http://portal.digiceltt.com
  • Select the Communities link and then the DigiChat option
  • Select the BUY link
  • Once you have enough credit, TT$12 would be deducted from your account
  • The WapCHAT service will reply with a confirmation message confirming your subscription for 7 days
  • Select a chat room and start chatting
  • Messages would be delivered to (and from) both Wap and Digi Chat users in the chat room in which it is sent.

The Wap Chat service is available for all Pre and Post paid subscribers with a GPRS/Wap enabled handset (with the proper Wap configuration settings).

If you have a Wap capable handset and would like to receive the Wap settings, send a text message with the word WAP to the number 4000.