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Digicel LIVE

1.             What is the “Digicel Live”?
Digicel Live is a service by which customers can log on to Digicel WAP homepage using
GPRS to access ring tones, wall papers and games

2.             How do I get my handset set up to browse the internet?
• For handsets that are already able to access the GPRS service, no changes will be
•  Newly acquired handset will receive the settings via text message or customers can
send WAP to 4000.

3.             How many texts will be sent?
Customers will receive up to three text messages
- First SMS
A) You will soon receive Digicel WAP, Digicel MMS & Digicel Internet settings
- Second SMS
B) Configuration setting receive TT.
I)You then select “show” or “install”
II)Option given to either save or discard
- Third SMS
C) Your Digicel mobile is now configured to use our Digicel Live MMS and WAP services. Enjoy! Please restart your mobile for the settings to take effect

4.           Will I be able to get the Multi-Media Message (MMS) settings on my handset via SMS?

Yes, most handsets that receive the SMS with GPRS settings will also receive MMS settings once the handset is capable of sending and receiving MMS.
**Phones that do not receive MMS Settings but are compatible with the service will have to be manually provisioned

5.           Will I need to provision my SIM card to send MMS?

• No, Subscribers whom have not previously had their Sims provisioned on the MMS platform will be automatically provisioned once their handsets have been configured (manually or automatically) and they attempt to send an MMS.
**Note that this message will be delivered

6.           Am I able to access any free content on the Digicel Live WAP site?
• There is a section on our Digicel Live WAP site where customers are able to download free games, ring tones and wallpapers.

7.            Where can I get these free games, ring tones and wallpapers?
• Customers simply need to scroll to the end of the Digicel Live homepage to find this content.

8.            How much credit will I need to access the Internet?
• Customers must have credit on their account in order to access the internet service.

9.            If I have recently purchased a GPRS compatible handset will I get the GPRS settings via SMS?
• Once a SIM card is placed in a new GPRS compatible handset and a call or text is made from that handset the system will automatically send the SMS with the settings to that handset.

10.         If I purchased my handset overseas, will I still be able to get the settings?
• No. Only handsets purchased from Digicel can receive the settings. Handsets purchased from another mobile service provider or bought overseas will need to have their handsets manually provisioned.

11.          Will I get a confirmation message once the settings are on the phone?
• No, the customer will need to attempt to access the service to confirm whether or not they are able to connect.

12.         What is the cost per KB to WAP browse?
• Customers pay 2c per KB plus vat while accessing the Digicel Live WAP

13.          How do you access Digicel Live?
• Most Digicel mobiles phones are Live ready. If you need to activate Digicel Live for yourself, send a text message to 4000 with the word "WAP" to receive your Digicel Live settings or call Customer Care on 100 from your Digicel mobile phone.
To access Digicel Live on your handset, press and hold the internet "Ready" button or go to your main menu and select the following WAP access options for the following handsets:                     
- Nokia handsets: web             
- Motorola handsets: web access                
- Sony Ericsson: internet services
- Samsung: fun box
Then go into your bookmarks, select Digicel Live and you're on your way!
(To manually enter the URL for Digicel Live simply type in the address section of your WAP access on your handset.)
Digicel Live is a pay-as-you-use service. Pricing will be displayed on your mobile before each download.
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