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Digicel Trinidad and Tobago brings you BlackBerry services to help you stay connected online while you’re on the go. Staying connected has never been so simple. Send and receive emails, view attachments, book meetings, check your calendar, make calls from your contact list and much more from a single integrated device.


BlackBerry App World


BlackBerry App World is your virtual storefront, where you can find tons of Apps designed for your BlackBerry smartphone. Customise your BlackBerry smartphone with games, social networking, personal productivity Apps and much more.

Find the apps relevant to things you love and stay connected with a BlackBerry smartphone that has a personality that matches yours.


Social Networking for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry brings socialising closer to your fingertips! Shares life’s special moments while you’re on the go and discover all the great ways Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace for BlackBerry smart phones are designed to help you stay connected to everyone.

Enjoy Social Networking features that let you:

·         Send and receive messages, wall posts and pokes

·         Invite friends and accept friend requests

·         Snap a photo with your smartphone’s camera, then post, tag and comment on it

·         Check your friends’ status, update your own and reply to status comments

·         View events in your BlackBerry smart phones calendar.