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Prepaid Blackberry

1.       What is the Digicel Prepaid Blackberry service?

ü Prepaid customers will now be able to access and use all the functionality of their Blackberry devices (Internet, Email, Blackberry Messenger etc.) for a set time period (depending on the plan selected)!

ü You will receive BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) which allows you to stay in touch on the go an office in your hands!



2.       What is Blackberry service?

ü It is a product offered by “Research in Motion” (RIM). The service allows customers to send and receive email from their devices, browse the Internet, use Blackberry messenger and install and use a wide variety of third party applications.

ü BlackBerry service allows you to stay in touch with everything that matters to you while you’re on the go. Email, phone, maps, organizer, applications, games, the Internet and more.

N.B. For further information on the Blackberry Service please refer to the Blackberry CC Support presentation, under training tab on the intranet.



3.       Is Prepaid Blackberry service the same as postpaid?


ü Same as Postpaid Consumer BIS service, but includes alternatives for signing up – weekly and fortnightly to suit your budget


        4.       Who can activate the Prepaid Blackberry Service?

ü Only Prepaid customers can activate this service.

       How do Customers activate the prepaid BlackBerry Service?


1.       Dial *136# SEND to initiate Prepaid BlackBerry activation.


2.       Once the request is received the customer will receive instruction via text messages as seen below:

üMessage 1: “Welcome to Digicel’s Prepaid BlackBerry Service. For 1 day dial *136*40#, for 7 days at $65 dial *136*10#, for 14 day plan at $130 dial *136*20# and for 30 days at $275 dial *136*30#”

üOnce the request has been received the customer will be prompted to confirm selection of the plan via the following text message:

For example if your dial *136*40# for the 1 day plan the below would follow

   üMessage 2 (Confirm Plan selection): Please confirm

                  activation of

                   Prepaid Blackberry (for 1 day)by dialing *136*1#. To

                   cancel  dial  *136*9#”


3.       Once the activation is complete, a final confirmation text message is sent advising the customer that the plan is now active.

ü  Thank you for joining Prepaid Blackberry (for 1 day) starting at 2010/02/23 17:42. Please remove the battery and place back into your device to start


Customer must remove phone battery and replace it to register device on network after completing activation.


Once the battery has been removed and placed  back in the handset the customer will get the confirmation message “Your handheld has now been registered with the wireless network. “



ü The customer has access to the BlackBerry service while the plan is active.

ü As soon as the plan has ended, customer will no longer be able to access Email, BB messenger and Internet.

ü Customer will be charged 2 cents per KB to access Internet from their device when their plan has ended.


6.       Can a Customer complete the activation process without removing their battery?


ü Customer will access the Menu in their phone

ü Go to ‘Options’, (Wrench shaped icon)

ü Go to ‘Advanced Options’

ü Go to ‘Host Routing Table’ , press the options button and choose ‘REGISTER NOW’


The device will now automatically register on the network. Customer will receive a message from ‘BlackBerry Registration’ stating “Your handheld has been registered with the wireless network”

As a Prepaid Corporate CUG customer can I access the service?

ü Yes. ALL Prepaid Corporate CUG customers (Hybrid) are eligible for the service.


8.       What does a Customer need to access the Prepaid Blackberry Service?

ü Prepaid account with adequate credit available.

ü GSM Blackberry device.

9.       Which handsets are compatible with the Prepaid Blackberry Service?


   Blackberry Pearl - 8100, 8110, 8120

   Blackberry Kickstart - 8220
   Blackberry Curve – 8300, 8310, 8320

   Blackberry 8800 series – 8800, 8820, 8830

   Blackberry Bold – 9000

   Blackberry 8700 series – 8700c, 8700r, 8700g, 8707g, 8705g.

   Blackberry 7290


10.      Which plans are available with the Prepaid Blackberry Service?

Prepaid customers will be able to choose from any of the plans listed below.



Vat exclusive

CAIN Prepaid BB - 1 day             


CAIN Prepaid BB - 7 day  


CAIN Prepaid BB - 14 day  


CAIN Prepaid BB - 30 day             



   11.   What are the benefits of the Digicel’s prepaid Blackberry service as compared to the competition?

   ü Our plans offer variable service periods of 1, 7, 14 and 30 days rather than a fixed one (1) month service period.

   ü Our service can be activated very quickly through USSD codes rather than calling Customer Care.

   ü Setup of Blackberry device is quick and easy after plan is activated.


      12.   How do Customers setup Email on their Blackberry?

   ü Shortly after a plan is activated and the Blackberry restarted/registered, the browser will automatically load an email set-up webpage (as seen below).

      If webpage does not automatically load, user may select Email settings icon from phone.


   Email setup from phone

   Browser loading screen


   Step 1. Select ‘Create New Account

Step 2. Carefully read legal agreement and Select ‘Yes’ option and then ‘I agree’

Step 3. Create unique username and password
Step 4: Select email account. Customers can add/remove/edit email accounts

Step 5: “ Add Email account”

Step 6: Enter Email account information

ü If the webpage does not automatically load, customers may go to from their computer.

Email setup from site

Step 1:

Access site and select “Create New Account”


Step 2:

Carefully read legal disclaimer and select ‘I agree’ if in agreement


Step 3:

Enter PIN and IMEI and select Continue


N.B. Customers will need their PIN and IMEI to set-up the service.

IMEI can be found by entering *#06# on handset

PIN can be found by selecting the Options icon (Wrench shaped icon) in Menu and then selecting ‘Status’



Step 4:

Create unique username and password


Step 5:

Select email account. Customers can add/remove/edit email accounts.



   13.   How do I setup Email on my device if it had a previous account cancelled?

ü Customer can setup email either from device or (SEE ABOVE)

ü I.E. Same procedure as point 13



   14.   Can I query the prepaid BlackBerry plan I am on as well as days left in my plan?

ü Subscribers can query the plan by dialing *136*779# (*136*QRY#). They will receive an SMS with the Plan they are currently on as well as the expiry date.

  15.   How many Email accounts can I setup with my Blackberry device?


ü You can have up to Ten (10) separate Email accounts on your Blackberry device.
N.B. This includes your device email address



   16.   What happens if I have insufficient credit to activate a Prepaid Blackberry Plan?

ü Customer will receive an SMS stating “Sorry you do not have enough funds to activate the plan. Please add credit to your account and try again by sending *136#. Thank you for choosing Digicel”.

ü You will not receive Blackberry service.

ü Once sufficient credit is on account, customer may try again by entering *136#


   17.   Can a customer cancel their Prepaid Blackberry plan once it has been activated?

ü NO

ü Customers are not able to cancel plans once they are active.


   18.   If a customer has a Prepaid Blackberry plan active are they charged to browse Digicel Live or purchase ringtones/pics?


ü DigiPics & tones is a premium service that is NOT included in the Prepaid Blackberry offering.

ü When customers browse the Digicel Live website, they are  WAP browsing.

WAP Browsing is charged at 3 cents per Kilobyte.

N.B. If Customer has accessed Digicel Live using their browser and wishes to browse other websites without being charged. Customer should close and re-open browser as seen below.

   19.   Is there a minimum balance necessary to access Blackberry services if a plan is active?


ü Customers must have at least $0.01 on their phone to access their Blackberry services once a plan is active.


20.   If I am roaming will I be charged to use data services on my Blackberry?


ü When roaming, data charges will be rated at the ROAMING DATA RATE

ü Customer can only roam in countries that support Prepaid Roaming, please refer to Intranet for full list of Countries.

N.B. Customer will only enjoy the full benefits of the Prepaid Blackberry Service while in Trinidad.





         21.   Can customers renew their prepaid Blackberry plan?


ü 3 hours before the plan expires, an SMS is sent to customer reminding them that their plan will soon expire and also how to renew it.

Customer will enter *136*1*Plan_code#

ü Customers will only be charged for renewal AFTER their plan has expired. i.e. 3 hours after renewal


N.B. After a plan has expired a Customer has a grace period of 30 days to renew their plan by entering a USSD code *136*1*Plan_code#

ü Once the grace period has finished however, a customer will need to re-start activation by entering *136#.

ü If you do not activate during the grace period, you will lose your current email configurations, but you will still be able to renew by dialing *136# and following the instructions to activate. You will be required to reconfigure your email accounts. 


22.   Can I renew and select another plan?

ü NO. Only option is to renew your existing plan. 

ü If you wish to select another plan allow the service to expire, then start the activation process and select your new plan.

23.   Can customers with a Postpaid Blackberry plan convert to Prepaid and activate the Prepaid  Blackberry Service?



ü Customers will follow the regular postpaid to prepaid conversion process and all their services will be cancelled.

ü Once the conversion is complete, customer may initiate activation of Prepaid Blackberry by entering *136#

24.   How can we assist if a customer’s Blackberry is network locked?

ü Advise customer that Digicel does not offer an unlocking service as it is illegal to do so.

ü However third party companies/vendors do offer this service.


25.   Is Prepaid BlackBerry service the same as postpaid?


ü Same as Postpaid Consumer BIS service, but includes alternatives for signing up – weekly and fortnightly to suit your budget


26.   Who can activate the Prepaid BlackBerry Service?

ü Only Prepaid customers can activate this service.


27.   If I am roaming will I be charged to use data services on my BlackBerry?


ü When roaming, data charges will be rated at the ROAMING DATA RATE

ü Customer can only roam in countries that support Prepaid Roaming, please refer to Intranet for full list of Countries.

ü N.B. Customer will only enjoy the full benefits of the Prepaid BlackBerry Service while in Jamaica.


28.   If customers are experiencing issues with the service, how do I troubleshoot?


Customer cannot access BlackBerry services

ü Check MSISDN in CC PORTAL GUI to see if customer has plan active.

ü If plan is active, determine if there is a general issue with Prepaid BlackBerry service (Check intranet/CCOps)

ü Does customer have upper case or lower case GPRS/EDGE? Upper case GPRS or EDGE indicates that the customer has data services, lower case gprs or edge indicates that the customer does not.

o   N.B. Customer can resend service books to device via website

o   If unable to identify or resolve issue please escalate accordingly via Navigator.


29.   If a customer requests help using the clock or other handset features in their BlackBerry how should I assist?

ü Additionally customer may access for general information on how to use their BlackBerry.


30.   What common errors can customers experience during the activation process?

Incompatible device

ü If customer receives message during activation that device is incompatible, “Cannot activate the selected plan. Device is incompatible with service.”

Customer will need to purchase compatible device for use with the service (GSM BlackBerry device).


Account is temporarily blocked

ü If customer receives message that account is blocked, ”Your account is temporarily blocked. The service fee cannot be charged at this moment. Please call 100 for assistance.”

ü Customer should call customer care with verification for assistance in unblocking account.




31.   How can we assist if a customer’s BlackBerry has an account with another carrier/network?

ü Advise customer that account for device has to be removed on the other network/carrier.

ü Customer will need to contact carrier/network with appropriate verification/credentials for account to be removed on device.

ü N.B. Customer can still access Prepaid BlackBerry service, but will receive email from previous account.