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Help & FAQs

About Digicel

Who is Digicel?
A Caribbean based Telecommunications Company, Digicel was granted a license by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago, subsequent to liberalization of the telecom industry in Trinidad & Tobago, to build and operate a Mobile GSM Network. 

Is Digicel a Trinidadian owned or foreign-based Company?
Digicel is a registered Trinidadian company, whose major shareholders are Irish. The company is required to file returns annually and must comply with the laws of Trinidad.

How many offices does Digicel have Island wide?
Digicel currently has one corporate office in Port of Spain and hundreds of dealer stores across the country.  

Digicel sites

Why is Digicel building so many sites?
Digicel is committed to providing a Network that offers quality and clarity. To do this we have ensured that the Trinidad & Tobago terrain is covered, and that customers will be able to access our services wherever they are in Trinidad & Tobago.

Was it possible for Digicel to use existing sites to provide their mobile services?
Yes and we have made every effort to share sites where we can.


What is the percentage of island wide coverage for Digicel?
Digicel has 99% coverage in all major towns and cities across Trinidad & Tobago.

Products and services

What do the initials GSM stand for?
Global System for Mobile Communications.

What is GSM?
GSM is an open technology that offers high quality and clarity in voice calls. GSM technology offers some of the widest ranges of services in the world today. It also offers the highest level of security against cloning of any digital standard. This means that calls are scrambled so that no one can eavesdrop on your conversations. GSM accounts for over 70% of the world's digital market and 64% of the world's wireless market.

Becoming a Digicel customer

What is Digicel Prepaid ?
A Digicel Prepaid customer pays for the usage of the network before they start to use it, i.e. once you have bought a Digicel Top Up you will only need to buy and replenish Top Up cards / vouchers to remain on the network. You pay for calls as they are made, as the cost of the call is deducted from the available credit in the card.

What is Digicel Postpaid ?
A Digicel Select customer pays for the service after they have used it, i.e. calls made throughout the month are billed at the end of the month. Digicel Postpaid customers will receive a monthly bill. In order to sign up for Digicel Postpaid you must pay the required deposit. You must bring ID and either a utility bill / letter from your employer with you to sign up.

Every customer has a monthly credit limit. At 75% of your credit limit you will receive a text notification advising you that you are at 75%. You will receive another text message at 95%. At 100% you may be barred from making chargeable calls.

If you have an unlocked phone that operates on 850Mhz then you can purchase a Digicel SIM only pack from Digicel.


What are the dialing instructions between Digicel mobiles and landlines?
When dialing from a Digicel Mobile to any landline or mobile within T&T, simply dial all seven digits of the number you are trying to reach.

If I am a Digicel Prepaid customer can I change my mobile number?
No, because all prepaid phones will be sold with a pre-assigned number. Digicel Prepaid customers will not be able to change their number.


What kind of handset will I need to have if I am traveling outside T&T?
While tri-band handsets can be used it is best advised that to experience full coverage a quad-band phone should be used. Click here to get more information on Roaming

What is "International Roaming"?
International Roaming is the facility to make and receive calls outside of the local Digicel network in Trinidad & Tobago. GSM is widely available across the world and accounts for 70% of the worldwide Digital cellular technology. With a tri-band or quad-band mobile phone you are able to make and receive calls and send and receive text messages. Digicel offers preferential rates for roaming in the Digicel networks in the countries we operate in Antigua & Barbuda, Anguilla, Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Curacao, Dominica, El Salvador, French West Indies, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Nauru, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincents and the Grenadines, Suriname, Tonga, Turks & Caicos & Vanuatu.

How does one "Roam"?
Roaming is extremely simple, once Digicel has a roaming agreement with a foreign operator in the country that you are visiting, then your Digicel SIM can be used to make and receive calls in the normal way on a foreign operator's network.When you arrive in the foreign country your phone automatically tunes in to the foreign operator's network. If there is more than one GSM network in the foreign country you may set up your phone to either automatically choose the network with the best signal or, you can choose a network manually via a menu option on your phoneWhen someone dials your local Digicel number the call will be routed to you on your mobile phone even though you are in a foreign country. They do not need to know where you are, or what international code to dial.

How do I get "Roaming" on my phone?
To get roaming on your phone will be required to call Customer Care on 100 from your Digicel phone. Roaming is already set up for prepaid accounts. As a prepaid customer ensure you top up before leaving the country. You can also add credit to your account by:-

·         Having your friends and relatives call into Customer Care with a valid top up card or they can use our Top U Up service.

·         Visiting a CaribFlex location (not available in all roaming countries) and purchase credit from the CaribFlex vendor.

How are "International Roaming" calls charged?
It depends on the direction of the call i.e. whether the call is incoming (i.e. someone is calling you) or out going (i.e. you are ringing someone) For incoming calls, when you are abroad both the calling party and yourself will share the cost of the call:The person calling you pays the same rate they always pay for calling a Digicel number. You, receiving the call, will pay for accepting a call on the overseas network. This rate will be set between Digicel and the overseas Operator whose network you are using and will appear on your next bill. Click here to get roaming charges For outgoing calls, when you are abroad, if you are calling home you will be billed at a different rate than when you are calling within that particular country.

Phones & Handsets

What model phones will Digicel sell?
Digicel will be selling the major Brands of phones. These will include phones from

·         Nokia eg. 8801, E50, 2610

·         Motorola eg. A1200, W510, K1 

·         Sony Ericsson eg. S500, W810I, W580

·         Samsung eg. C506, U600 

Where can I purchase your handsets?
Customers may purchase handsets from any one of our Dealers located islandwide. Click here to see list of Digicel Dealers nearest you

I have an unlocked phone already are there any criteria that I need for this phone to work? The phone should be able to work within the 850 mhz bandwidth and should be a digital GSM phone.

Rates & Tariffs

What are Digicel's rates?

Digicel Postpaid rate plans


Monthly Fee


Effective rate


Credit Limit

Digicel Postpaid 120






Digicel Postpaid 240






Digicel Postpaid 360






*Prices quoted are VAT inclusive.  


Digicel Day rates


Monthly Fee


Effective rate

To Digicel




To fixed lines




To other mobiles




Are there special prices for heavy users vs. light users?
Yes. The Postpaid packages are tailored to the needs of heavy (eg. Digicel Postpaid 360) and light (eg. Digicel Postpaid 120) users.

Customer Care

Will I be able to contact your Customer Care Dept. at any time?
Customer Care is available 24 hours everyday, including weekends and public holidays. Just call 100 from your Digicel phone. We never sleep!


Where do I go to pay my bill?
You will be able to pay your bills at any of the following:- First Citizens, RBTT, Republic Bank, ScotiaBank, Sure Pay, Bill Express and VIA locations nationwide.

If I am a Digicel Prepaid Customer, do I get a bill at the end of the month?
No. Digicel Prepaid customers do not receive bills as they pay before they use the service.

Can I pay my bills at your corporate office or at a Dealer?
For your convenience, Digicel has secured services of Collection Agencies who will be able to offer you convenience and comfort in paying your bills by cash, credit and/or debit card . Digicel does not accept personal cheques, however if you are making a payment with a Company cheque then this will be accepted at our Front Office - located at Ansa Centre, Maraval Road, Port-of-Spain.

Dealer Information

Where are your Dealers located?
Digicel Dealers are located islandwide.

What information regarding my package should I get when I purchase it from your Dealer?
Information given will depend on the package you buy. If you buy a Digicel Postpaid package, the Dealer will provide information regarding telephone number, bill cycle, account number and credit limit. If you buy a Digicel prepaid package you will receive your SIM card within the Welcome letter pack. The Welcome letter contains the SIM Card and important codes (PIN 1, PIN 2, PUK 1, PUK 2) specific to your SIM card. These codes should be kept safe as they may come in handy when using certain features of your phone and the PUK 1 in particular is used as a form of verification when calling into Customer Care. It is important to keep the Welcome letter that you receive from the dealer in a safe place.

Network Faults

What does the "Id" recordings mean e.g. ID4 etc.?




ID 1

We are sorry all circuits are busy please try your call again later.

All circuits busy

ID 2

We are sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again.

Invalid number dialed

ID 3

We are sorry the number you have dialed is not assigned. Please check the number and dial again.

Unassigned number dialed

ID 4

We are sorry the number you have dialed is unavailable.

We’re sorry the number you have dialed has been turned off or is unavailable

ID 5

We are sorry your service has been disconnected due to none payment.

We’re sorry, your service has been temporarily disconnected due to non-payment

ID 6

We're sorry but you are not allowed to make this call.

We’re sorry but your service has expired. To make a call please top up your account. You will not lose your existing balance

ID 7

We're sorry the number you have dialed is temporarily out of service.

Dialed number temporarily out of service/


ID 9

We're sorry but we are unable to complete your call due to problems on another network. Please try your call again later.

Unable to complete call due to problem on external network

ID 11

We're sorry the owner of this account that you are calling has restricted incoming calls.

We’re sorry the owner of the account you are calling has restricted incoming calls

ID 12

We're sorry but you are not allowed to make international calls except to your home network while roaming.

We're sorry but you are not allowed to make international calls except to your home network while roaming

ID 13

We're sorry but you are not allowed to roam. Or We're sorry but you do not have roaming feature/privilege.

We’re sorry but you are not allowed to roam. Please contact your service provider

ID 14

We're sorry but you are not allowed to make outgoing calls while you roam.

Roaming- Restriction on outgoing calls

ID 15

We're sorry the owner of this account that you are calling from has restricted outgoing call.

We’re sorry outgoing calls have been restricted

ID 16

We're sorry but incoming calls to that number has been restricted.

We’re sorry but incoming calls to that number have been restricted

If there is a problem with service in my area, whom do I report it to?
A customer should call Digicel's Customer Care on 100 from your mobile phone if you are having any problems with service in your area. Our agents will be there to take relevant information from you that will be escalated to the right department for the issue to be investigated.


What is a Top Up?
Digicel offers two types of Top Ups, a card which comes sealed in plastic and etop up which shows the number on a receipt. Both are used by Digicel Prepaid customers to top up their accounts. This will also give them added time on the network and are available in denominations of $10 (etop up only), $20, $50, $100, $200, and $500. All our vouchers and cards are VAT inclusive.

How do I use Top Up?
After purchasing the Top Up

·         Scratch the panel on the card to reveal the 13-digit code

·         Enter *121* 13 digit voucher number #

·         Press SEND

·         A confirmation message will appear on your phone

How do I get my balance?

·         Enter *120#

·         Press SEND

·         Balance will appear on the screen of your phone.


Does my service come with Voicemail?
Yes, every Digicel customer gets voicemail at no extra cost. For your convenience Digicel has set up automatic diverts to your voicemail if your phone is switched off or unanswered. You will receive a digiTEXT message informing you that you have a new voicemail.

How do I set-up my Voicemail ?
It's as easy as 1-2-3 - literally! Simply dial 123 and follow the instructions. We recommend that you change your default password from 1234 to an easily remembered number.

Can I check my Voicemail from any phone?
Yes you can. To access Digicel's voicemail from your mobile phone, simply dial 123. Digicel offers free voicemail retrieval on both prepaid and postpaid. When roaming you can dial + 1868 3500000 from a landline, to retrieve your voicemail messages.

How many Voicemail Messages fit in my Mailbox?
You can store up to 5 minutes of voicemail messages.

What is the storage time for messages?
Voicemail messages are stored as follows: -

·         Listened to and saved - 14 days

·         Received and not listened to - 7 days

·         Listened to but not saved - 7 days

Once you have passed these times, your messages will be deleted from your phone.

What other features does my Digicel phone come with?
All Digicel customers enjoy Call Wait/Call Hold, Calling Line Identity, Call Restrictions, Call Barring, our easy to use text messaging service, Digicel Text, Multi party Conferencing and much more.... 

Text Messaging

How do I send a text message to another Digicel number?
It's easy! Simply compose your text message and either send it to the Digicel number or find the number in your phonebook.

What's the longest Text Message that I can send and receive?
160 Characters long - and this includes spaces and punctuation! Some handsets, like the Nokia 7250, however, allow you to type messages over 160 characters. In this case, the message will be broken up & sent as separate messages of up to 160 characters each and you will be charged for each text message. 

What if someone tries to send me a text message and my phone is either turned-off or out of coverage?
The message will be stored for 8 days. If, after this time, you have still not accessed the message, it will be deleted. If the sender has their delivery notification turned on, they will receive a message to this effect.

Who can I receive text messages from?
You can receive a Text message from other Digicel customers or from GSM customers from many international networks.

Call Me

What is call me ?
Call me is a service that allows you send a standard text message to another digicel customer requesting that they contact you

How does call me work?

A Digicel prepaid customer sends a “Call Me” message by typing *126*mobilenumber# and then pressing send.  The person to whom the message is directed receives a text “Please call me: 1868 mobile number.  Thank You!”

For example if 3571234 wants 3661234 to call them, then 3571234 sends the following: *126*18683661234# and 3661234 will receive a message : “Please call me 18683571234.  Thank You!”

Can any customer use call me?

This service is only available to prepaid customers. You must have less than TT$ 0.35 credit to use the Call Me service.  If your balance is over this amount you will receive a message saying Your balance must be less than TT$ 0.35 to use CallMe, please dial direct.”
If customer is not a prepaid subscriber, they would get the message: “Message failed – you are not a valid CallMe subscriber”
If a customer is out of airtime they can still use CallMe.  They must however have a balance of less than TT$0.35.  If their airtime has expired however, or if their balance is above this amount this service will not work.

Is there a charge for using call me?

·         This service is free.  Neither the person sending the text or the person receiving the text are charged anything for this service.

·         Are there any limitations on number of messages that can be sent?

·         A Digicel customer can send a maximum of 21 messages per week (no limit per day)

Can I use Call me to other Digicel islands?

·         You can send Call Me Back messages to subscribers in any Digicel island.

·         Jamaica 1876

·         Aruba 297

·         Cayman

·         Grenada 1473

·         St Vincent 1784

·         St Lucia 1758

·         Barbados 1246

Multi Party Conferencing

How does Multi Party Conferencing work?

·         Multi Party Conferencing allows a Digicel customer to conference in up to 5 other people so that everyone is on one call. It's very easy.
Dial the first person, press 2 send to put the call on hold,
Dial the second person and press 3 send to connect the call together.
Press 2 send to put the call on hold
Dial a third person and press 3 send to connect all people together.
You pay for each call separately. This feature is only available for calls within T&T

How many people can be on a multi party conference call?

Up to 6 people, the organizer and 5 others

Can other people add people to the conference?

Yes other Digicel subscribers can add people to the call.

If the organizer hangs up, do the other calls remain up?

No, the other calls all end.

How does a customer get Multi party Conferencing?

This feature will be automatically provisioned for all subscribers – prepaid and postpaid

How much does this cost?

A customer is charged for every call he makes so if he makes 5 calls out he will be charged regular Digicel rates for each of these calls.


What is GPRS?

The General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a new value added service offered by Digicel that allows information to be sent and received across a mobile telephone network.  Digicel’s GPRS solution brings a range of new services and content to subscribers.  Basically, this technology enables us to offer you certain services through your phone like surfing the Internet & sending picture.

1.    What is the “Digicel Live”?

ü Digicel Live is a service by which customers can log on to Digicel WAP homepage using GPRS to access ring tones, wall papers and games

2.    How do I get my handset set up to browse the internet?

ü For handsets that are already able to access the GPRS service, no changes will be required. 

ü Newly acquired handset will receive the settings via text message or customers can send WAP to 4000.


3.    How many texts will be sent?

ü Customers will receive up to three text messages

First SMS

(a)     You will soon receive Digicel WAP, Digicel MMS & Digicel Internet settings


Second SMS


(b) Configuration setting receives TT.

(i)You then select “show” or “install”

(ii)Option given to either save or discard


Third SMS


(c) Your Digicel mobile is now configured to use our Digicel Live MMS and WAP services. Enjoy! Please restart your mobile for the settings to take effect



5. Will I be able to get the Multi-Media Message (MMS) settings on my handset via SMS?

ü Yes, most handsets that receive the SMS with GPRS settings will also receive MMS settings once the handset is capable of sending and receiving MMS.

           **Phones that do not receive MMS Settings but are compatible       with the service will   have to be manually provisioned


6. Will I need to provision my SIM card to send MMS?

ü No, Subscribers whom have not previously had their Sims provisioned on the MMS platform will be automatically provisioned once their handsets have been configured (manually or automatically) and they attempt to send an MMS.

      **Note that this message will be delivered


7. am I able to access any free content on the Digicel Live WAP site?

ü There is a section on our Digicel Live WAP site where customers are able to download free games, ring tones and wallpapers.


8. Where can I get these free games, ring tones and wallpapers?

ü Customers simply need to scroll to the end of the Digicel Live homepage to find this content.


9. How much credit will I need to access the Internet?

ü Customers must have credit on their account in order to access the internet service.


10. If I have recently purchased a GPRS compatible handset will I get the GPRS settings via SMS?

ü Once a SIM card is placed in a new GPRS compatible handset and a call or text is made from that handset the system will automatically send the SMS with the settings to that handset.


11. Which handsets are compatible to receive the GPRS settings via SMS?

ü The list of Compatible handset can be found on the intranet…..


12. If I purchased my handset overseas, will I still be able to get the settings?

ü No. Only handsets purchased from Digicel can receive the settings. Handsets purchased from another mobile service provider or bought overseas will need to have their handsets manually provisioned.


13. Will I get a confirmation message once the settings are on the phone?

ü No, the customer will need to attempt to access the service to confirm whether or not they are able to connect


14. What is the cost per KB to WAP browse?

ü Customers pay 3c per KB while accessing the Digicel Live WAP


15. How do you access Digicel Live?

ü Most Digicel mobiles phones are Live ready. If you need to activate Digicel Live for yourself, send a text message to 4000 with the word "WAP" to receive your Digicel Live settings or call Customer Care on 100 from your Digicel mobile phone.
To access Digicel Live on your handset, press and hold the internet "Ready" button or go to your main menu and select the following WAP access options for the following handsets:

o   Nokia handsets — web

o   Motorola handsets — web access

o   Sony Ericsson — internet services

o   Samsung — fun box

Then go into your bookmarks, select Digicel Live and you're on your way!

(To manually enter the URL for Digicel Live simply type in the address section of your WAP access on your handset.)

Digicel Live is a pay-as-you-use service. Pricing will be displayed on your mobile before each download.


What do I have access to on the Digicel Live page?

Digicel Live opens up your window to sports, information, entertainment and other exciting and fun stuff:


Digicel Live is the place to be for sporting updates. Be sure to check out our premium cricket content, sports news, scores and commentary and a whole lot more.


Be in the know with news and reviews from the most credible news sources in T&T and around the world. Digicel Live publishes at least daily news updates from major media houses.


Download and play any of our over five thousand Java games. And if you don’t want to play alone, then we also have multi-player Java games just waiting for you and your friends.

Personalize your phone with Digicel Live: download the wall papers, ring tones, real tones and themes that fit your flavour and style.


Getting information has never been so easy. Log on to Digicel Live and get all the latest updates on fashion trends, drink mixes, lottery results, horoscopes and much, much more.

What is the cost of the Games, Ring-Tones and other Fun Stuff on Digicel Live

Usage per Download




Real Tones


Games - Regular


Games - Premium






All rates are VAT inclusive.

What is Digicel Mobile Web?

Digicel Mobile Web is one of Digicel’s  services that allows you to

·         Browse the internet from anywhere using your laptop, PC or PDA

·         stay in touch by accessing your internet emails

·         keep up to date with the latest news and information

Connect to Mobile Web using a GPRS PC card modem in your laptop, PC or PDA

With your mobile phone as a modem you an connect your laptop, PC or PDA using

·         Bluetooth

·         Infrared

·         Cables

Digicel Info 

How much does Digicel Info cost?

·         This service costs TT $0.65 including VAT per message. If you receive multiple messages in response to your keyword you will only be charged once.

Do I get charged for multiple messages?

·         No, if the service sends you multiple messages in order to provide you with all of the information then you will still only get charged once.

Will I be sent this information every day?

No, the information is only sent to you when you request it.

How do I register for the service?

There is no need to register for the service, all Digicel customers can use the service. All you do is text the keyword to 4636 (INFO) and you will get the information.

How long does it take to receive the information?

You should receive the information in under 1 minute.
What type of information can I receive?

The service offers news, sports, jokes, weather, horoscopes, quiz game, information on dentist/doctor and flight information.