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February 14th 2012 - RED CROSS KIDDIES’ CARNIVAL

The big day is right around the corner but before the grown-ups get to don their costumes the kiddies got to cross the stage at the ‘Greatest Children’s Show on Earth’.

A major part of the Junior Carnival calendar, Red Cross Kiddies Carnival was held at the Queen's Park Savannah on Saturday, February 11, 2012.

The day dawned sunny and breezy, perfect conditions for the day's exciting events. Soon kiddies were arriving wearing gorgeous costumes in every colour of the rainbow, eager to get started. Traditional mas costumes like the sailor mixed with more fantastical creatures like fairies as each band prepared reap the benefits of months of preparation.

Soca music filled the air as band after band lined up for their chance. Each child had their moment on the stage. When their turn finally came, the older children were thrilled to be set free, while the younger ones walked hand in hand with their parents and the tiniest tots were pushed in strollers or carried in the arms of their proud moms and dads.

Digicel was there for the little troopers with free sno-cones to quench their thirst. Digicel also had a special treat for Digicel customers - buy one get one free top ups. Spectators lined up eagerly to take advantage of this great deal, buying several phone cards and getting lots of extra value.
Two of a kind: These lovely little ‘Wonder Women’ enjoy refreshing sno-cones courtesy of Digicel at Red Cross Kiddie’s Carnival.
Digicel Marketing Assistant Anjaana Downes serves a Digicel sno-cone to a participant at Red Cross Kiddie’s Carnival.
This young man represented sweet T&T with pride at the Digicel-sponsored Red Cross Kiddie’s Carnival.
These little ladies portrayed swans with grace and style at the Digicel-sponsored Red Cross Kiddie’s Carnival.
Feeling the music: these sweet girls were pretty in purple as they crossed the stage at the Digicel-sponsored Red Cross Kiddie’s Carnival.

All the colours of the rainbow: This presentation really wowed the crowd at the Digicel-sponsored Red Cross Kiddie’s Carnival