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Eze top up

August 2nd 2007 - Eze top up

Digicel, the fastest growing mobile operator in Trinidad & Tobago, today announced its partnership with top-up retailer ezetop.


With over 19,000 retailers in the US and thousands of retailers in the Bahamas , customers will now find it easier than ever to use CaribFlex to top up their friends and family back home in Trinidad & Tobago with ezetop. People from Canada , the United Kingdom , US, Europe and the Caribbean can also send top-up from


With CaribFlex, friends and family can purchase top up from any of Ezetop's 19,000 retailers in the US and the Bahamas and the credit is automatically applied to the prepaid account of Digicel subscribers back home in Trinidad & Tobago. Subscribers can also top up their own phones while roaming in these countries.


This service is simple and easy to use. For anyone wishing to top up a friend or relative at home in T&T, you just need to go to your nearest ezetop agent. You can find your nearest agent in the US by calling 1-800-483-2891.   At the agent you just pay the amount you wish to top up in the local currency, provide the agent with the mobile number you wish to top up and the required amount of top-up. ezetop then sends the equivalent TT dollar credit directly to the Digicel subscriber. The recipient of the top up in T&T receives a confirmation text confirming the top up amount and the person purchasing the top up receives a receipt confirming that the top up was credited to their account.


Head of Marketing, Sacha Thompson , says of its new partner, Digicel is delighted to be partnering with ezetop to make it even easier for customers to use CaribFlex while in the US and Bahamas to top up their friends and family back home in Trinidad & Tobago. CaribFlex takes top up beyond T&T allowing friends and family to purchase top up abroad in any of ezetop's 19,000 retail outlets and send it back to Digicel customers in T&T.


Since Digicel launched in Trinidad & Tobago last year, the company has revolutionized the mobile market with a state-of-the art network, award winning 24/7 customer care and the introduction of a wide range of innovative products and services. CaribFlex is another example of how Digicel is constantly innovating to ensure that its customers are benefiting from the best value mobile service available.