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Weekend Pass



1. What is the Prepaid Weekend Pass?
  • Prepaid Weekend Pass (“PWP”) will allow customers to sign up for a special weekend plan with unlimited local Digicel minutes and/or text messages.
  • Prepaid customers would be able to sign up for PWP anytime during the week and take advantage of the special offers.
2. How does it work?
  • There are two PWP Plans that a customer can subscriber to; a voice only plan or a voice & text plan.
  • To activate PWP, customers would have to dial the USSD code *150# from their handset. They will then receive a SMS/text message with instructions on selecting a plan either:
    • for unlimited calls to other local Digicel numbers for a price of $23.00 VAT inclusive; or
    • for unlimited calls and SMS/text messages to other local Digicel numbers for a price of $28.00 VAT inclusive.
  • The system will check the customers’ account to ensure they have enough funds in their account before either of the PWP Plans are activated.
  • PWP will be valid for seven ( 7) days from the time of activation, but will ONLY be applicable during the weekend (“the Subscription Period”).

E.g. 1 - If a customer signs up on Monday, they will have their Prepaid Weekend pass for the coming Saturday and Sunday.

E.g. 2 - If customer signs up on Saturday at 11:05 p.m., they will have the weekend pass for that weekend plus the following weekend up to Saturday at 11:04 p.m.
3. Can a customer renew PWP at any time?
  • Yes, you can subscribe for PWP even if the plan has not expired. Note that the system will not deduct any funds from the subscriber’s account until their existing PWP Plan has expired. If a customer renews the plan before the expiration date and does not have sufficient credit to cover the cost, the plan will not automatically renew.
  • Please note the customer is charged and the plan renewed only when the current expiration date is reached.  
4. Can I call bmobile/ landline numbers with this plan?
  • No, this plan only applies for Digicel numbers. Therefore customers can only call or call and text Digicel numbers with the PWP plan.
5. If a customer signs up for the PWP on Thursday, when can they start using the plan? 
  • PWP is only available on weekends, i.e. from midnight Friday to midnight on Sunday.

6. Can both Digicel Day and Digicel Night subscribers benefit from this promotion?
  • Yes, both Digicel day and Digicel night subscribers can benefit from this promotion.

7. Will Twice as Nice: Get 120 More Talk and Text/ Free Nights be applicable with my plan?
  • No, digi to digi calls will be free on the voice plan; digi to digi calls and texts will be free on the voice and text plan.

8. Will I be notified before my plan expires?
  • Yes, 1 hour prior to plan expiration, customers will receive an SMS notification.

9. Can I use any of my unlimited Digicel text for your text to win promotion?
  • No, the unlimited Digicel text would not apply for text to win promotions.
10. Can I use any of my unlimited text to send messages to your rising Star number?
  • No, you can’t use your unlimited text for sending messages to our Rising Stars number.

11. Can bonus credit be used to purchase the PWP Plan?
  • No, customers will not be able to use their bonus credit to subscribe for PWP.

12. Can I subscribe for PWP if I receive credit via Credit U service?
  • Yes, customers can subscribe for PWP if they have received credit via the Credit U service.

13. While roaming can I take advantage of my plan?
  • No, this plan will not be applicable while you roam.

14. Conditions of use:
  • PWP’s are offered for the personal use of individuals and not commercial use or usage by groups of individuals. Any usage at all by an individual that in Digicel’s sole discretion is intended for financial gain or profit by you or by groups of individuals will result in the immediate termination of the particular PWP.
  • Customers are free to opt out of any PWP at any time by calling any Customer Care Agent at 399-9999. There is no USSD code to unsubscribe. Also there shall be no refund of the subscription charges for the PWP where a Customer opts out of the subscription. Whenever you opt out of a PWP, it will only cease at the end of the relevant seven (7) day period.
  • In addition, Digicel and you agree that Digicel reserves the right to terminate any PWP forthwith if in our sole opinion it is being abused, such abuse to include but not be limited to:-
    • open circuits without voice conversations,
    • any usage in excess of 1,000 minutes per weekend in voice calls,
    • any usage by group(s) of individuals,
    • circuits being used for data transmission and/or non-voice communication,
    • installation of any SIM cards being used in a PBX/switchboard,
    • general abuse intended to undermine the mobile telecommunications network or services provided by Digicel, and
    • any other ground for suspension or termination under Clause 16 of Digicel’s Prepaid Terms and Conditions.
  • Subject to the above, the normal prepaid terms and conditions apply.